About Us

Healthcare DENMARK is the international gateway to Danish healthcare and life science expertise and innovation.

We organize delegation visitor programs for foreign decision-makers and press delegations with an exclusive opportunity to experience innovative Danish solutions in practice.

Healthcare DENMARK is a public-private non-profit partnership and therefore does not sell any products or services.

Her Royal Highness Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark is patron of Healthcare DENMARK.

We are proud to have an ambassador corps, which is an international network of healthcare ambassadors. Each ambassador represents his or her own specialty within healthcare and has a deep understanding of the sector in both Denmark and their home country. The vision of the Healthcare DENMARK ambassador network is to make healthcare more refined, efficient, and patient-centered around the world.

Check out how Healthcare DENMARK Ambassadors Cédric Arcos from France, Daniel Forslund from Sweden, Guy Boersma from England, and Shirlee Sharkey from Canada see Denmark as an inspiration to healthcare actors in their countries.

To learn more or book a delegation visit, please take a look around at the website or connect with us on LinkedIn, and Twitter.