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Company description

Ambu one of the most recognized medical companies in the world within the areas of Anaesthesia, Patient Monitoring & Diagnostics, and Emergency Care.

What we offer

Since 1937, breakthrough ideas have fuelled our work on bringing efficient healthcare solutions to life. This is what we create within our fields of excellence – Anaesthesia, Patient Monitoring & Diagnostics, and Emergency Care. Millions of patients and healthcare professionals worldwide depend on the functionality and performance of our products. We are dedicated to improve patient safety and determined to advance single-use devices. The manifestations of our efforts range from early inventions like the Ambu bag and the legendary Blue Sensor® electrodes to our newest landmark solutions like the aScope™ – the world’s first single-use flexible video scope.

Products and solutions

Anaesthesia With the innovative development of the first self-inflating resuscitator, the “Ambu bag” in 1956, Ambu forever changed the history of saving lives. Now more than half a century later Ambu is still dedicated to the development of innovative products that help save lives and simplify workflow of the anaesthetists to the benefit of the patients. Within the field of anaesthesia Ambu offers a wide range of products from resuscitators, face masks and laryngeal masks to the highly innovative single use flexible intubation scope. Products that all have their own place in the difficult airway algorithm.
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Emergency Care With the innovative development of the first self-inflating resuscitator, the “Ambu bag” in 1956, Ambu has written history within the field of medical devices for emergency situations. From that idea we have consistently focused on developing new devices to improve patient care and make the work of our customers easier. In the field of emergency care we offer a broad assortment of products, from resuscitators, suction pumps and CPR barriers to our well-known training manikins and immobilisation devices.
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Patient Monitoring & Diagnostics In 1971, a Danish engineer by the name of Jan Rasmussen recognized the need to obtain reliable traces from biosignals. Since then we have been leading the way in the design and development of high quality single-use electrodes for accurate monitoring. Ambu offers a complete range of electrodes for different applications to meet your needs: BlueSensor and WhiteSensor electrodes for Cardiology (ECG): 12-lead ECG, Holter, Stress, Neonatal, Monitoring. Neuroline electrodes and needles for Neurophysiology: EMG, EEG, Evoked Potentials, Nerve Conduction Studies, Intraoperative Monitoring and Polysomnography. Sleepmate sensors for Polysomnography (Sleep Studies).
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Case stories

Ambu® aScope™ 2

The Ambu® aScope™ 2 is a single-use flexible intubation scope that guides most difficult airway intubations and PDT procedures. The product is sterile and ready to use. The single use concept is an ideal solution for the OR or ICU as well as outside core elective areas1 as it is ready to use whenever needed. After use it can just be discarded as with any other disposables used. In short, the Ambu® aScope™ 2 provides greater convenience for everyone involved. A reusable screen – Ambu® aScope™ Monitor – is used for displaying the video signal from the aScope 2. The aScope 2 adds new possibilities to the field of anaesthesia and takes single patient use to a higher level of sophistication and practicality.  Key benefits >Always available>No cross contamination>No cleaning and repair

Ambu® Aura-i™ Disposable Laryngeal Mask

In case of a “Cannot Intubate – Cannot mask Ventilate” (CI-CV) situation, where the end-game is to intubate the patient, the Ambu® Aura-i™ can be used as conduit for direct endotracheal intubation assisted by a flexible scope (such as the Ambu® aScope™). The airway tube is designed to allow easy passage of an appropriately sized ET-tube. The recommended ET-tube size is indicated on the connector block of the mask. The Aura-i™ comes in a complete range of 8 sizes, suitable for infants, pediatrics and adults. Key Features Built-in anatomically correct curve for easy atraumatic insertion Intubating capability using standard ET-tubes Bite resistance in the connector block prevents occlusions and ensures a stable position Convenient depth marks for monitoring correct position Pilot balloon identifies mask size and provides precise tactile indication of degree of inflation Navigation marks for guiding Fiber/Videoscope ET-tube size indication on the connector block Packaged sterile and ready to use 8 different mask sizes covering infant, pediatric and adult Latex free.


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