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Applikator's focus is to develop software solutions for the healthcare sector. Our solutions provide a better way of living for the people who are in need of health care services, a more efficient workflow and work environment, and an increase in quality and decrease in cost. Instead of just applying new technology to an outdated way of doing things Applikator creates innovative, user-centered and user-friendly solutions that target the needs of the people and institutions of the healthcare sector.

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Touch & Play and "John"

Employees at Rise Carecenter tell the tale of their local resident "John" and how his interaction with Touch & Play changed the way they viewed him. Due to his condition "John" could not speak and needed help with everything. He One day, an employee played a game with "John" using Touch & Play. Using only his right arm, "John" not only managed to complete the game but he also beat the employee at it. That put a smile on "John's" face. Since then, the employee saw "John" in a different light. Not just as somone who needed help with everything. Learn more

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