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Company description

Blue Ocean Robotics is a leading provider of emerging robotic solutions- and services and it is our vision to improve your quality of life, working environments and productivity. We create and commercialize robots - for humans. Our solutions improve the way you live your life.

What we offer

Blue Ocean Robotics is a leading provider of emerging robotic solutions- and services and it is our vision to improve your quality of life, working environments and productivity. We create and commercialize robots - for humans. Our solutions improve the way you live your life.

Products and solutions

TUG for Hospital Logistics

TUG for Hospital Logistics is an AGV (automated Guided Vehicle) specialized for logistics at hospitals, transporting blood samples, medicine, bed covers, food, consumer goods, garbage and much more. TUG is among a new generation of logistic robots that are built and designed to be highly collaborative with the hospital staff, which improves the working environment. Through a number of sensors, the robot navigates autonomously at the hospital, taking elevators, opening doors and driving to an unlimited number of destinations. The inbuilt sensors also serve to ensure that the robot gives way to humans it may encounter on its path.
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Savione for Delivery Services

SaviOne is an autonomous robot that delivers medical supplies, laboratory specimen, and other items in hospitals, care homes and other assisted care facilities.
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Smart Logistic Robot platform

The mobile Smart Logistic Robot platform is used by danish hospitals for transportation assignments such as transporting medicine, bed covers, food, mail, garbage etc. The robot drives autonomously between its destinations. This frees up time and resources for the personnel, which gives them more time for other work.
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Beam SPS for Telemedicine

The Beam Smart Presence System & VGo are telemedicine robots that can be used in hospitals, as a tool for the staff in their daily work. Beam SPS makes it possible to use resources in a more efficient way while maintaining a high quality of task performance.
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Tyromotion for Rehabilitation

Tyromotion offers a concept for the use of robot- and computer-assisted therapy units for all phases of rehabilitation. The concept is called Tyrosolution and offers flexible therapy applications and the individual adjustability of the therapy units ensure optimum completion of your patient treatment.
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UV-Disinfection-Robot - disinfection robot for hospitals

The UV-Disinfection-Robot is a disinfection robot to be used primarily in patient rooms with the aim of reducing infection rates of hospital-acquired infections. The robot drives autonomously and targets a pre-defined area that you wish to disinfect. Ten minutes of exposure time kills up to 99% of bacteria.
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The Floor Washing Robot RA660 Navi

The RA660 Navi is well suited to operate in larger areas, such as corridors, halls, entrances and other areas in a hospital where frequent cleaning is needed. The robot handles the heavy floor washing. The staff only needs to change the water and cleaning detergents.
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JustoCat for Dementia

JustoCat is a social therapeutic robot for citizens who suffer from dementia as well as evolving problems. The robot is only used on a selected few, and only in specific situations for cognitive stimulation. This gives patients peace, less anxiety, less negative behavior, increased vocal communication, better contact & concentration.
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Case stories

Floor washing robot RA660 Navi in action in The Dalby Hall, Faxe Municipality

The RA660 Navi is a floor washing robot made for saving effort and time for the cleaning staff; it washes the floor in the entire hall by itself. This means that the staff can perform other tasks instead of floor washing. The hall is for playing hand ball which is why the staff often has to remove pine sap from the floor several times. Using Robo2 the goal is to reduce the time spent on floor cleaning significantly. Learn more

RA660 Navi washing the floor

Beam SPS brings families closer together, Faxe Municipality

Beam SPS makes it possible for relatives, who lives far away, to come and visit their family members at the nursing home "Solhavecenteret" in Karise, Denmark. BeamSPS is a telepresence robot. You don't have to be present at the nursing home to use it, just log on from your computer wherever you are, and start your conversation. BeamSPS increases the quality of life for the users. It is now possible to increase the frequency of visits. BeamSPS makes it possible to be used by doctors and physiotherapist who then can follow up with their patients with this remote presence system. Learn more

Family and nurses communicating through the Beam SPS

JustoCat for Dementia

A female citizen with an aggressive state of dementia experience a positive change around her meals. Previously when she was done eating, she wouldn’t give her plate to the staff. She held on to it for up to 90 minutes. The personnel spend a lot of resources on getting her to move on from her eating situation, without affecting her mood or behavior in a negative way. Now she willingly trades her plate for JustoCat. She also started expressing herself in full sentences. Previously the personnel only heard "yes" and "no" from her. Learn more

An Elderly woman with the JustoCat


Simon Falden
Blue Ocean Robotics
Niels Bohrs Alle 185
5220 Odense SØ

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