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Capgemini is a market leading supplier of solutions for hospital resource scheduling, management of patient flows, and digital communications. Capgemini's scheduling solution, Bookplan, facilitates planning and logistics in hospitals with a wealth of specialized functionality. Capgemini markets the solution in Northern Európe.

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Region-wide hospital scheduling and digital patient communication

The Central Denmark Region (Region Midt) employs Bookplan for scheduling and resource optimization across its 12 hospitals in 18 geographic locations resulting in 3 mio bookings per year. Bookplan enables hospital staff to plan and book patient pathways across the region and thus to use available ressources and reduce wating times for patients . Bookplan supports booking of single appointments and series of appointments within departmentments or across departments and hospitals, optimizing hospital work processes. Patient communication is digitized to a very large extent. For example the region sends 1 mio test reminders every year. Learn more

Patient self-service check in and queue management free up staff time

In many outpatient clinics secretaries and clinicical staff spend a lot of time in registering patient arrivals and going back and forth to waiting areas to check if patients have arrived and call them in. Capgeminis Bookplan solution lets patients register their arrival in the hospital. Once registered they waiting time of the patient will be shown on large displays which will also show when the paitent is called. Staff can see status of all patients. When one patient visit has been completed staff can use the system to call in the next patient.

Labs in Southern Region Denmark uses queue management

The clinical biological labs in Southern Region Denmark use Capgeminis sceduling and queue management solution to optimize patient flow across its 10 labs. The solution allows patient to schedule appointments for their visit to the lab via the internet. When they turn up for their appointment, they register their arrival againtst the appointment. As a result of the registration patients are told to wait until their time has come. Staff will call patient when it is their turn. The patient can follow progress on patient calling screen which are also used for information messages to patients

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