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Company description

Daintel is a leading provider of software solutions developed specifically to critical care hospital departments.

What we offer

Daintel is a leading provider of software solutions developed specifically to critical care hospital departments.

Products and solutions

Critical Information System (CIS)

Critical Information System (CIS) is the main product by Daintel, a complete software suite developed for Intensive Care Units (ICU), Anesthesiology Departments and Recovery Units. Daintel has built a 50 percent market share for CIS in ICUs in Denmark. Daintel is now looking to expand its CIS suite to hematological and neonatal departments and to expand the sale of CIS to Europe and the US. CIS by Daintel consists of 4 modules: An Electronic Medical Record - CIS EMR  CIS EMR specifically fitted to the needs of the ICU. CIS EMR provides a total patient overview, a chronological overview and a specific assessment by clinical area and vital organ function. An Electronic Prescription and Administration System - CIS EPAS EPAS enables clinicians to add drug dosage regimens based on more than 200 protocols and more than 1.000 drug dosage suggestions. A Patient Data Management System - CIS PDM CIS PDM reads values from more than 300 different types of medical devices. A Business Intelligence System - CIS BI Advances and readily available statistics for both clinicians and managers.
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Case stories

Odense University Hospital, Denmark

“... one of the world's leading intensive care and anaesthesia solutions for the benefit of clinics, administration, and especially for patients” Peder Jest, Executive Director, CMO, Odense University Hospital, Denmark

Landspitali, The National University Hospital of Iceland

“We selected CIS in our tender as no other supplier could match neither the price nor the clinical functionalities offered by Daintel. This is a living proof that it is possible to integrate specialized solutions with a HIS and get the best of both worlds.” ​Alma D. Möller, MD, PhD, EMPH, Executive Director Perioperative Services, Landspitali National University Hospital, Iceland


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