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Company description

EWII is a technology company that operates as a supplier to the Danish health sector.

What we offer

EWII Telecare develops heath care products. Our vision is to modernize health care services by introducing telemedical solutions to various patient groups. Our key objective is to make it easy to be “admitted to your own home”. We always focus on user-friendliness, when developing our products.

Products and solutions

The Patient Briefcase

The Patient Briefcase makes an early discharge of patients with COPD and other chronic diseases possible. The briefcase makes it possible to move parts of the treatment out of the hospital and into the patient’s home. The Patient Briefcase makes it possible for a patient to be attended to and treated at home by a specialist doctor or nurse, physically located at the hospital. The Patient Briefcase can be connected to different kinds of medico technical equipment. The patient and the doctor can see and talk to each other via a screen and a built-in microphone. The patient experiences the same personal contact as during the regular hospital admittance but in the comfortable and secure environment of his own home.
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The Care Phone

The Care Phone refers to a touch-screen, placed at the patient, and a computer placed at the municipal care team. The Care Phone enables both persons to see and hear each other. The Care Phone functions as follows: The patient switches on the Care Phone at a fixed time, thus ready for the call from the municipal care team. When the patient answers the call, which is transmitted via a secure – and encrypted – line, he is in direct contact with the home nurse/social and health care assistant. The purpose of the Care Phone is to replace the very short visits of 10 minutes or less at patients, who need help and guidance in remembering e.g. medicine.
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Case stories

The Patient Briefcase in Region Southern Denmark

The Patient Briefcase has been operating as a project since 2006 in the Region of Southern Denmark at the two Danish hospitals Odense University Hospital and Svendborg hospital. Medisat has now signed a 4-year operating agreement with Region of Southern Denmark. The Patient Briefcase shortens the patients’ admittance period and increases their feeling of security and general well-being upon discharge.

Implmentation of the Care Phone in Odense

Odense Municipality has signed an agreement with EWII Telecare for a total of +100 Care Phones. The agreement runs for period of several years. The Care Phones enables the municipal care team to contact the patients by video.   "The Care Phone is important to me - the contact with the care team is carried out at the exact same time every day - this is very important for me." - Else Andersen, Patient, Odense Municipality


Mads Wojtynka
EWII Telecare A/S
Emil Neckelmanns Vej 15 A&B
5220 Odense SØ

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