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Company description

We provide front-end innovation, design and engineering of medical devices, equipment and packaging, delivering real value - on time. Through our game changing strategy, we bring positive change to people and change our clients’ businesses for the better.

What we offer

We provide front-end innovation, design and engineering of medical devices, equipment and packaging, delivering real value - on time. Through our game changing strategy, we bring positive change to people and change our clients’ businesses for the better.

Products and solutions

Innovation Camps

As an integral part of projects or as stand-alone events eye-D camps yield high value to companies that seek an outside perspective to their problems or wish to learn about eye-D's systematic processes. Each camp is documented with a Documentation Log and/or an Innovation Guidebook.
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Product Development

eye-D delivers full service product development covering all aspects of the process including research and analysis, ideation and development, as well as prototyping and implementation. The unique and systematic eye-D process secures you an exceptional result with extraordinary correlation and synergy between the phases of development. A list of 180 patents with eye-D specialists registered as the inventor tells its own tale. We try to balance human-centered design with a market-oriented approach, ultimately yielding a result that creates all-new experiences for your customers, but can also be seen on the bottom line.
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Service Design

Today, design projects include complex interactions that integrate hardware and software, spaces, systems and services, where focus has shifted from designing individual artefacts, to thinking more holistically about their activities and processes. At the same time globalization has changed consumption from a functional to a reflective direction with need for more personal products, because consumers seek experiences and stories, not just functionality, from material and immaterial products.
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Engineering & Prototyping

Innovative mechanical development and prototyping is our specialty. We plug in easily with your R&D department and use a broad range of co-operation partners in our network. Our engineers are hand picked for their skills in innovative problem solving, mechanical development and prototyping. They are specialists who know how to get things working. And most important of all: how to design for production at the lowest possible cost price. Our designers make products with production in mind, and our engineers create solutions with respect for the product design.
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Case stories

Mini-Med Medtronic QuickSet

Medtronic's most popular infusion set. Mini-Med Medtronic Quick Set is an user friendly single dispose insulin dispenser. The set consists of a low profile disconnect at the infusion site, 90-degree soft cannula and a virtually painless insertion. The Quick Set was designed for a new market. The great customer design and the new market potential made the dispenser the most popular Medtronic infusion set. "During one week´stay in Copenhagen, the complete development and design of our succesful QuickSerter was accomplished. Impressive!"- Jason Safabash Project manager Mini-Med Medtronic Learn more

Convatec Comfort Infusion Set

Convatec turbocharged their business: Patent + price increase of EUR 6 = earnings of EUR 17 million in 1998. Convatec Comfort Infusion set is the first infusion set in the world with angled insertion and at-site disconnection. The set is a user friendly single dispose insulin dispenser. The ease-of-use and descreet design makes Comfort one of the most popular infusionset in the world. The innovative product developed produces patents securing the unique product. Together with the new innovative Comfort and the produced patents the earnings during the first years were more than EUR 17 million. Learn more

Provox Coming Home Case

The Swedish company Atos Medical asked eye-D to create a starter kit with products for laryngectomy operated patients. Provox Coming Home Case creates the support and guidance on what products to use and when, which is of high importance for newly operated patients. The case, made of durable fabric, is carried like a bag and allows easy storage of products. At home the case is unfolded and hung on the wall for easy overview and access. The Coming Home Case creates a smooth transition from hospital to home, building certainty and confidence for patients and caregivers.

DAYDOSE™ Medical Packaging

DAYDOSE™ is a medical packaging that stands out. Designed in combination of user-friendliness and production optimization, to create a competitive and logistically efficient packaging solution. With DAYDOSE™, all you need to know is the category that fits your description. It is the first truly complete supplement that combines all of your daily needs. DAYDOSE™ is one simple solution: easy to open, compact, hygienic and portable. Through the innovative peel-opening system and interlocking blisters, the design sets new standards for blister-packaged tablets. The easy-peel, no push-through opening is both hygienic and helps both users and caretakers.


Claude Teisen-Simony
eye-D Innovation
Carl Jacobsens Vej 16, Entr. 6, 4.
2500 Valby Copenhagen

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