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H2I (Health Innovation Institute) is positioned between pharma-, medtech-, medico- and the public / private sector, working together with municipalities, hospitals and the medical industries, in particular, collaborating with various organisations providing healthcare solutions and related services. Ambition of our company is three folded: 1) Create meaningful experiences and contribute to improve healthcare in all possible aspect. 2) Share all our knowledge to everyone who can benefit from the insights we might have. 3) We believe that mutual respect and having fun are important for creating value and impact

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In this nonprofit project, we focus on practical solutions that are worth sharing among clinicians and others who are interested in improving our healthcare. We believe in the effect of knowledge sharing without a political agenda, from clinics to clinics across hospitals, regions, sectors, and professions. In the project we identify, describe and share cases that have the following common characteristics: - Cases that benefit the patient - Cases that have not resulted in higher costs - Cases that have found solutions that both ensure a better quality of care and treatment while ensuring more efficient utilization of resources Learn more


Therese Ketager
Health Innovation Institute
Fruebjergvej 3
2100 København Ø

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