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Jøhl Human Care

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Company description

Since 1978, Jøhl Human Care has been working with lifting and transferring.

What we offer

The Chair Lifter

Products and solutions

The Chair LifterHeavy lifts and transfers have to be done without straining and wearing out the body. Therefore, we have developed the Chair Lifter – a facility that not only protects the body but also the furniture and floor.

Case stories

Lolland Municipality invests even more in a good physical working enviroment. To facilitate staff and users who daily perform heavy lifts, Lolland Municipality recently purchased 18 Chair Lifters to be shared around at some of the city´s nursing home and day centers. 8 of the Chair Lifter are equipped with digital weight so that in an easy way to keep track of a user´s weight. The purchase of the Chairs Lifters has been so succesful that Lolland Municipality once again ordered 15 Chair Lifters.


Jesper Jøhl
Jøhl Human Care
Firskovvej 6
2800 Lyngby

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