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Company description

Development and production of original music for treatment, based on research since 1998. MusiCure has since 2003 been sold exclusively at pharmacies, due to published scientific documentation. MusiCure has established its own streaming service: www.musicurestream.com offering 36 hours of original evidence-based contents. The portfolio also includes the MusiCure Pillow, which is CE approved and registered as a Class 1 medical device, used in many areas of the healthcare sector. The benefits of MusiCure are described in numerous scientific articles, where the results include physiological measurements showing a reduction of stress hormone (cortisol), increased sense of well-being and relaxation in patients.

What we offer

MusiCure music, MusiCure Pillow and MusiCure Nature films, presented on our own specially developed Streaming Platform for healthcare. Music Pillow, or Sound-Pillow, with high quality sound The MusiCure pillow is made especially for optimal intense listening to the evidence-based MusiCure music, but also as a "healthy" alternative to earplugs and headphones. MusiCure Pillow is registered as a class 1 Medical Device Due to extensive published research, national VTV surveys and general experience with daily use in hospitals and Care Centers, the pillow is registered as a Class 1 medical device and CE marking according to all applicable EU standards.

Products and solutions

The MusiCure evidence-based original music

MusiCure® is original especially composed music, created specifically to have a relaxing, soothing and positive mentally stimulating effect. More than 20 years of creative development, on a foundation of clinical research results, has done that this music today is being used in professional treatment and healthcare, and research projects in many countries. MusiCure is developed and produced by composer Niels Eje, and the published research has taken place since 1998 by independent researchers and healthcare professionals in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, USA and The Netherlands.
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The MusiCure Streaming service:

MusiCure Stream is established by founders Inge Mulvad Eje and Niels Eje as an online service, using modern streaming technology, offering unlimited access to a platform with more than 30 hours of MusiCure music and nature films contents. The Streaming service is aimed at everyone seeking useful tools to reduce and relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression, while at the same time gaining inspiration and motivation through music and films. 4 channels with evidence-based material are available: Music channel - procedure programs – the channel with nature films - and a special Night/Sleep channel. The programs are already presented at several hospital departments in Denmark, Sweden and USA.
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MusiCure Pillow

The Pillow is developed as a comfortable memory-foam pillow with specially designed built-in speaker cabinets with high quality stereo sound. The pillow is made especially for optimal private and intense listening to the evidence-based MusiCure music, and is today used extensively at hospital wards and elderly care centers. The production of MusiCure Pillow is a unique entrepreneurial initiative, and the pillow is designed from scratch, with selected first-class materials imported from around the world. Each pillow is manufactured and assembled by hand in every step of the process by the team behind MusiCure in Denmark. The Pillow is now CE marked and registered as a class 1 medical device.
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Case stories

International research with MusiCure Since 1999 MusiCure music programs has been used in numerous research projects, and from 2002 more than 30 scientific articles and papers has been published, including 20 articles published in renowned international medical journals. This research is the foundation of the creation of the MusiCure productions and independent researchers from several countries carry out new scientific studies on an ongoing basis. Research with MusiCure is now taking place in Denmark, Holland and USA, with further articles pending publication. A list of published research articles, posters and bachelor projects and other articles can be found in this overview: Learn more

MusiCure in USA: Scandic Health LLC

A new service was in June 2015 introduced to hospitals in the United States: “Scandic Health”. A company that offers solutions with MusiCure music and videos directly to the hospital wards, subscribing to receive specially compiled MusiCure programs, as an integrated part of the institution’s internal IT network. Founder and CEO is registered nurse and entrepreneur Anne Taylor, who through many years of positive experience with the use of MusiCure has developed the concept ‘Scandic Health’. As a partner for MusiCure in Denmark, her company can now offer a unique service, with evidence based music and specially produced films to benefit patients in US hospitals. Learn more

Test of MusiCure streaming at OUH Svendborg

A comprehensive test of all the MusiCure contents, with both streaming music, nature films, night/sleep program and MusiCure Pillow, took place at Intensive care Department V at OUH Svendborg Hospital from October 2016 to February 2017. The test showed positive results for both patients, staff and relatives, and the MusiCure streaming service is now running there permanently. The test showed that over 70% of patients and 83% of relatives find more peace by listening to music and watching nature films while staying in hospital waiting facilities. Similar good results are seen in the intensive care department and in the hospital's surgery section. Learn more


Inge Mulvad Eje
MusiCure-Gefion Records ApS
Geelsskovvej 29
2830 Virum

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