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Company description

Reinventing how we heat & clean water, saving incredible amounts of water and energy.

What we offer

Water and Energy savings on hot water use, without compromising the comfort of the enduser with point-og-use water heating.

Products and solutions

An all-in-one point-of-use water heater, without a heating element, no limescale, thus long durability with scalebility from 1000 to 60.000 watts.

Case stories

Odense Universitets Hospital - we are currently doing a project with OUH on faucet style heating and cleaning (no more bacteria treat) - making way for the decentralized structures choosen by NEW OUH. Project end in 2014.

Proof of concept was done with backing fra the Danish Ministry of Enviroment, Vejle Municipality and VIA University College. A PFA owned building - leaset by Vejle Municipality and used daily by about 100 people that had a normal circulation tank style/districtheating water heating strategy was refitted with the ONEHEAT point-of-use electric water heater. Endusers was very happy and the savings incredible 95% on energy and 75% on water. Financial savings suggest a ROI of 1-2 years.


Tor Reedtz
Boeskærvej 11a
7100 Vejle

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