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OpenTeleHealth is a medical certified cloud based platform for measuring health data at home, using and App and a wide range of medical devices. Doctors can view multiple patients’ data on a secure web portal. The platform is simple and scalable, and covers all chronic diseases, at a low price affordable even at a large scale. OpenTeleHealth uses a unique clinical workflow which gathers patient context, and not just measured health vitals.

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Patient empowerment

OpenTeleHealth supports patient empowerment, and: - Enables users to better monitor and manage their own health - Increases mobility for patients in health care processes, they are not admitted to a hospital - Provides increased support for evidence-based decision making - Improves quality of life and lowers transportation costs - Avoids unnecessary hospital admissions Learn more

Patient measuring health data using device and patient app


Henrik L. Ibsen
Åbogade 25a
8200 Aarhus N

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