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Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects takes pride in providing evidence based healthcare design. We perpetuate the standpoint of rehumanization of architecture. For an architecture that is designed to serve people and society. For the human needs for optimal combination of spatial qualities, functional logistics and integrated technology.

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New Kolding Hospital

Research has proven a clear connection between physical environment and patient healing. As an example, the exposure to a natural daylight rhythm shows a clear correlation with the patient’s healing rate. We use this knowledge in the design of New Kolding Hospital: The architecture can be a direct contributing factor in the treatment and recovery phase. Our design approach to Kolding hospital defines that the logistic and architecture goes hand in hand and supports a rational and efficient clinical operation. We focus on the human scale and recognize the importance of creation of embracing spaces, when dealing with difficult issues such as illness.

Designing the new bedward on top of the existing corridor is a constructively complicated solution which relieves the patientlogistics situation and respects the original structure of the compound.


Nathan Schmidt
Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
Njalsgade 17A
2300 København S

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