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DigiRehab A/S

What we offer

DigiRehab is innovative welfare technology for every day rehabilitation of elderly citizens. Our digital training- and analysis tool provides training programmes specifically designed to increase the physical strength of elderly citizens and thereby decrease the need for home care. With DigiRehab's tools it is also possible to monitor the effect of the rehabilitation efforts both for the individual citizen and within the municipality in general.

Innovative Solutions

Training before home care - Aalborg Municipality
In the municipality of Aalborg, DigiRehab is used as a valuable training tool in the concept: Training before home care. A successful trial has recently paved the way for a larger implementation of DigiRehab in Aalborg. The trial with 75 citizens showed the following results: For the group of citizens (63%) that completed the 12 weeks of training the need for home care increased on average with 88 minutes/week/citizen. 12 months after the training period 90 % of these citizens still had a reduced need for help – on average 64 minutes/week/citizen. DigiRehab is also used in several other Danish municipalities.
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