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KMD is one of Denmark’s largest IT and software companies delivering solutions for the local government, central government and private markets.

The future challenges with an increasing number of tasks and decreasing resources requires a novel approach. The telehealth platform KMD Online Care contributes to meeting the challenges faced by the public sector. With the telehealth platform the municipal authorities can deliver digital health care services enabling citizens to take health matters in their own hands, when and if so desired.

Innovative Solutions

KMD Online Care
KMD Online Care makes it possible to optimize the treatment of COPD patients and hereby reduce the risk of hospital admission. The municipality of Slagelse has been one out of ten pilot municipalities testing the new telehealth platform KMD Online Care. The solution is a supplement to the health care personnel’s physical home visits to the citizens. Special Nurse in COPD in Slagelse, Hanne Rode, is positive about the new telehealth platform: "The benefits in terms of chronically ill patients being able to recieve treatment in their own homes where they feel comfortable, are substantial", says Hanne Rode. But there are also financial benefits from using the new platform, as a readmission will cost the municipality DKK 13,000-15,000.
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