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Systematic is an international IT company with a mission to simplify critical decision making.

Columna eHealth solutions

Columna in Central Denmark Region
The Central Denmark Region has implemented several of the Columna eHealth solutions, with the focal part being Columna Clinical Information System. Since 2010, the region's hospitals have been using this EHR, which supports the more than 10,000 users in delivering and documenting efficient care to patients every day. The system provides a comprehensive clinical workplace and overview, integrating information from different specialties and departments across the hospitals. All hospitals in the Central Denmark Region can easily share information within and between themselves, as well as exchange and integrate data with other regions and institutions in Denmark.

Columna Clinical Logistics in Central Denmark Region
Columna Clinical Logistics is an advanced dashboard and tracking solutions for modern hospitals. The solution provides a real time overview of work processes and patient flows in the clinical departments across a hospital and between the hospitals in the region. Columna Clinical Logistics improves quality of care, reduces waiting time and provides a real-time overview on large touch screens and mobile devices. The roll-out to all hospital was completed in 2015, and with the solution, the Central Denmark Region is able to realise its vision of long-term successful hospitals with transparency and strategic innovation.

Columna Service Logistics
Improving a hospital’s service functions has a positive effect on the efficiency of the entire hospital. Columna Service Logistics is a product suite which contains several modules for optimising hospital logistics carried out by various employees, such as orderlies, cleaning personnel, and service assistants. By creating an overview of tasks, resources and staff, it is easier to coordinate and plan operations. Columna Service Logistics makes use of different technologies for tracking, and the modules are operated via smartphones and PCs. Columna Service Logistics consists of the following modules; Task Management, General Search, Bed Management, Cleaning Management, Transport Management, Trolley Management.
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