Assisted living

New assisted living technology plays an important role in Denmark’s elderly care. Elderly people in Denmark have high willingness to adopt new technologies, if they are easily available and improves their quality of life.

Supporting citizens in remaining self-sufficient and independent is an important element of the Danish care for the elderly and the disabled. With technological support schemes and empowering initiatives, citizens can stay in their own home for as long as they wish.

Therefore, Danish municipalities and hospitals in the regions are increasingly implementing a range of innovative technologies that support citizens in their daily routines, keeping them connected, physically active, and safe. Innovative solutions can both improve the quality of life for elderly citizens, as well as support healthcare professionals in creating an efficient, coherent and high-quality framework for care, rehabilitation, and prevention. The solutions include anything from simple smart-sensor devices and other assisted living technologies to advanced telehealth solutions and digital communication platforms. With the necessary support and guidance, elderly citizens can remotely draw the curtains, set the kitchen worktop at the right height and operate a hoist to get themselves into bed.

Nursing homes and other care facilities have also been supplemented with efforts to help improve the quality of life for residents. These efforts are increasingly supported by technologies and other innovative solutions that bring several benefits for both residents and caregivers. For example, a new digital incontinence-aid system, Abena Nova, helps ensure individualised continence care for residents in nursing homes. It looks and feels like a regular incontinence product but has built-in sensors to collect data in real-time. Caregivers can view the data via an app, which frees up time for other care tasks due to fewer unnecessary diaper changes. At the same time, the residents experience a higher quality of care and reduced infection risk.

Denmark is a leading nation within the field of research and innovative new technology. However, it can be a great challenge to transform research and innovation into implementable solutions. That is why a unique Living Lab concept for testing new ideas has been developed with the objective to speed up the process from research to implementation.

Watch video about the Living Lab concept. 

Elderly care

Denmark has come a long way in developing the elderly care. Through a citizen-centred approach and targeted efforts, the overall ambition is to empower elderly citizens and improve their quality of life. 


In Denmark, the municipalities offer a comprehensive rehabilitation program for all citizens in need. Rehabilitation interventions are patient-centred and adapted to the individual, aiming at the highest possible level of participation and inclusion.