Elderly care

Denmark has come a long way in developing the elderly care. Through a citizen-centred approach and targeted efforts, the overall ambition is to empower elderly citizens and improve their quality of life. 

Like many other countries, Denmark is facing the demographic challenge of a fast-growing ageing population, which puts a severe strain on both the human and the financial resources required to maintain a high quality of elderly care. Implementation of assisted living technologies in both private homes and nursing homes play a key role in meeting this challenge in collaboration with citizens, enabling solutions that are sustainable, viable, and do not compromise the quality of care.

In Denmark, we have a dignified elderly care with a focus on involving and empowering every citizen considering their individual needs and preferences. The goal is for the elderly citizens to maintain their independence, stay in control of their own life, and stay healthy in their own homes as long as possible.

Technology-supported solutions in the field of elderly care generally empower and encourage elderly citizens to play a more active role, often enabling a higher degree of information-sharing and joint decision-making between citizens and caregivers. Furthermore, a great number of technologies relieve caregivers of time-consuming, physically, or mentally demanding tasks. This frees up time for personal contact and other care tasks.

For example, about one-third of Danish municipalities have implemented an electronic citizen record called Columna Cura by Danish company Systematic. This solution meets home care professionals’ needs for mobile support and engages citizens in their treatment. Home care professionals and citizens collaborate on registering information about the ongoing care and treatment, which gives professionals more time for actual care, while citizens are both empowered and more involved in their health and treatment.

With age as the strongest risk factor for dementia, the number of people with dementia will rise accordingly. The National Action Plan on Dementia 2025 has been set out as an ambitious long-term plan to ensure that Denmark meets this challenge. Denmark is a dementia-friendly society based on an ambition to combine professional skills and cooperation on innovative solutions.

For more information, please contact Chief Advisor Signe Dilling-Larsen sdl@hcd.dk