Chronic care and mental health

Like many other countries around the world, Denmark is facing increased healthcare challenges within chronic diseases and mental health. Today, few people go through life without being affected by chronic health challenges such as diabetes, cancer, COPD, hypertension, in addition to mental illnesses.

Often, mental illnesses and chronic diseases co-occur. People suffering from schizophrenia often develop diabetes, while people suffering from cancer often have a depression. This mental-physical multi-morbidity challenges the conventional thinking of the single disease paradigm in the healthcare system. In Denmark, multi-morbidity clinics enable collaboration between specialists, both within physical and mental diseases, in order to create a holistic, patient-centred treatment plan for each specific multimorbid patient.  

Chronic diseases

One in every three Danes over the age of 16 suffers from at least one chronic disease. Early detection is essential in order to initiate high quality and cost-effective treatment. 

Mental health

Mental health is a challenge for countries all around the world, and more than 10% of the world’s population live with a mental health disorder. In Denmark, we strive to improve mental health for all citizens by ensuring prevention and early diagnosis, and by improving treatment of mental illnesses.