Chronic diseases

One in every three Danes over the age of 16 suffers from at least one chronic disease. Early detection is essential in order to initiate high quality and cost-effective treatment. 

In Denmark, like in many other countries, the public healthcare system is under increasing pressure due to the increasing prevalence of chronic conditions. However, the earlier a chronic disease can be diagnosed, the lower is the need for expensive surgery, treatment, or medicine. Early detection is addressed with new screening initiatives, integrated care and continuity of care (clinical pathway) initiatives.​ 

Introduction to home monitoring solutions for patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, or COPD is a high priority on a national level in Denmark, as these solutions help to empower chronic patients, increase their quality of life, and reduce the number of hospital admissions. The first national implementations will be ready during 2023. 


For more information, please contact Chief Advisor, Lene Qvist Larsen