Decentralised clinical trials

Decentralised clinical trials (DCTs) introduce a revolution in the clinical trial industry by enabling faster trial execution, delivering more representative and diverse datasets, and providing clinical trials that are easily accessible and convenient for participants to take part in.  

Denmark is moving full speed ahead to become a global DCT frontrunner. The close collaboration between authorities, clinicians, companies, and patients is key to success, and so is the proactive role of the Danish Medicines Agency, which launched a DCT guideline in 2021. Furthermore, political prioritisation and continuous investment underpins Denmark’s strong position within DCTs. 

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Frederik Nørgaard from the Danish Medicines Agency talks about decentralised clinical trials (DCTs) in Denmark.
Merete Schmiegelow, patient representative in the Danish Medicines Agency DCT dialogue forum, talks about the importance of including the patient perspective in DCTs.
Stephen Lutsch from LEO Pharma talks about the importance of Decentralised Clinical Trials.
Simon Francis Thomsen, Head of Department of Dermatology at Bispebjerg Hospital, talks about the clinicians' experience from participating in decentralised clinical trials.