Personalised Patient Support

Most countries face a common challenge today; a rise in the number of chronically ill patients combined with limited resources.

Integrated care solutions with a focus on the individual patient’ needs, can help combatting this challenge. In Denmark, strong and trusted partnerships between the public and private health sectors is key in the development of innovative solutions that benefit both patients and society.

Let’s rethink healthcare together.

For more information, please contact Chief Advisor Gerda Marie Rist 

In Denmark, the regions prioritise strategic public-private partnerships in healthcare to secure better health for patients.
As a patient, you need more personalised care. One size solutions don’t fit all. That is why it is important to include the patient voice.
The life science industry contributes to integrated health solutions which create value for patients, and for Denmark. Focus on patients with chronic conditions has given Denmark a global stronghold.
Making life easier for people with very different healthcare needs requires innovation in integrated care. The healthcare system and the industry need to come together.
Healthcare DENMARK is the gateway to the Danish healthcare system and life science industry.
We invited Aabenraa Municipality and ABENA to talk about co-development of new solutions which can provide better quality of life and diginity for our senior citizens. In this particular case Abena Nova, a digital diaper for senior citizen.