Public-private partnerships

Denmark has a long tradition of strong public-private partnerships. The close collaboration between the industry and the public healthcare system ensures that innovative medicines and solutions are offered to the patients.

A public-private partnership in the healthcare industry brings the expertise from both sectors together, improving the quality of the healthcare services available. 

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Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen is one of the early examples of public-private partnership. The center derives from the Nordic Insulin Laboratory (now Novo Nordisk), founded in 1923. In 1932, the company established the first Nordic Diabetes Hospital, and the public healthcare system soon realised the potential and initiated a partnership with the private industry. The Steno Diabetes Center concept has now been disseminated to all five Danish regions. Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen is the largest diabetes hospital in Scandinavia and treats approximately 10,000 individuals with diabetes each year. 

A recent example of a public-private collaboration is the The National Genome Center which was established in 2019with the purpose to support further development of personalised medicine. 

The LEO Foundation Skin Immunology Research Center in Copenhagen is another public-private partnership between the University of Copenhagen and the LEO Foundation. It provides a focal point for the best international research in skin diseases and immunology. The center will pave the way for better understanding, prevention and treatment of skin diseases. 

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