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Danish athletics park is world’s best

October 27, 2015

The athletics park at the University of Southern Denmark has been named world’s best outdoor sports facility.

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Australians show great interest in Danish aged care

October 26, 2015

Looking for inspiration on Danish aged care, an Australian delegation visited Denmark for a five-day study trip hosted by Healthcare DENMARK.

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Danish CEO is world’s best boss

October 20, 2015

CEO of Novo Nordisk, Lars Rebien Sørensen, takes the top spot on the annual list of the 100 best performing CEOs in the world.

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Nationwide rollout of COPD telemedicine

October 16, 2015

A new agreement sees a nationwide rollout of telemedicine for COPD patients in Denmark.

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Malaria protein may help treatment of cancer

October 15, 2015

Danish researchers have made a groundbreaking discovery using a malaria protein for treatment of cancer. The new research shows that the treatment works on almost all types of cancer.

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Pioneering computer program diagnoses cancer in two days

October 13, 2015

Danish researchers from DTU Systems Biology have developed a new innovative technology called the TumorTracer, which diagnoses cancer in two days.

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Denmark is most creative in Europe

October 06, 2015

Denmark is the highest ranking European country on this year's Global Creativity Index.

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Groundbreaking solution installed in Danish ambulances

October 05, 2015

A new prehospital solution, which enables better patient treatment, has been installed in all Danish ambulances.

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New technology improves patient safety at Danish hospitals

October 02, 2015

Hospitals in the Capital Region of Denmark and Region Zealand will soon implement the new technology, Medical Device Integration Platform (MDI), which enables better treatment and improves patient safety.

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New app helps young people quit smoking

September 30, 2015

A new app called XHALE from the Danish Cancer Society helps young people quit smoking by providing tips and advice from Danish celebrities.

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