Artificial intelligence helps detect cardiac arrest patients

April 08, 2019

Photo by EMS Copenhagen
In the Capital Region of Denmark, a robot using artificial intelligence is applied to support real-time decision making at the dispatch center. Based on positive results, the solution will now be implemented throughout the country.

In close collaboration, the Emergency Medical Services in Copenhagen and Danish company Corti have developed a robot, which is used to ensure even faster emergency service to patients with cardiac arrest. The robot is an innovative device based on artificial intelligence and is trained to recognize symptoms of cardiac arrest by analyzing ongoing calls to 112. It listens for patterns in the dialogue such as words, speak and breath, and calculates the probability of a cardiac arrest. If the robot suspects a cardiac arrest, it alerts the medical dispatcher who is handling the call.

Currently, the solution can correctly identify approximately 85 percent of cardiac arrests – compared to approximately 75 percent recognized by medical dispatchers. Based on these results, the robot will now be implemented on national level in all Danish emergency dispatch centers.