Citizens appreciate digital rehabilitation

July 18, 2016
In a new project, sensor technology supplements traditional rehabilitation courses in four Danish municipalities, and the results are promising.

As part of a public-private innovation project, four Danish municipalities supplement traditional rehabilitation and training with sensor based digital rehabilitation. Initial evaluation of the project shows that 96 pct. of citizens are satisfied with the digital training.

In the project, citizens recovering from knee or hip surgery train at home using special elastic bands with intuitive sensors worn on the body. Exercises and training results are visualized on a supplied smartphone, so citizens can see the exercises, track their progress and follow the overall program. A physiotherapist monitors the citizens remotely and can give advice and intervene if the patient is not progressing.

The technology is developed by Danish rehab company, ICURA, in collaboration with the four municipalities Gentofte, Gladsaxe, Lyngby-Taarbæk, and Rudersdal. All Danish municipalities offering rehabilitation courses for citizens recovering from knee and hip surgery can already implement the technology. The solution can essentially be adapted to support other types of rehabilitation as well.