COPD citizens meet for a digital coffee break

July 13, 2016
On a new digital platform, citizens with COPD meet for a digital coffee break and support each other through their illness.

A new digital platform, duped a digital coffee salon, enables citizens with COPD to meet with other COPD citizens and find support to live with their illness. The digital coffee salon is a digital project and meetings take place via iPad in citizens’ own home where participants can see, hear, and speak to each other.

Citizens with COPD often struggle to get out of their home and participate in social activities because of their impaired lung capacity, which can lead to loneliness and depression. With the new digital meeting point, citizens meet likeminded without having to leave their home. The digital coffee breaks can help curb loneliness in COPD patients and help them regain quality of life.

The digital coffee salon meets once a week for one hour. Each team holds up to six participants and a chairperson, who plans the meetings.

The project is currently available to COPD citizens in Vallensbæk municipality.