Danish company raises funds for new blood glucose monitor

July 12, 2016
The Danish technology company, RSP Systems A/S, raises funds to accelerate development of a new non-invasive blood glucose monitor.

The Danish technology company, RSP Systems A/S, has raised €4.6 million ($5.1 million) to accelerate the development of its non-invasive glucose monitor called Glucobeam, which is an easy-to-use device that enables pain-free blood glucose testing and improves life for diabetic patients.

Glucobeam is the world’s first accurate non-invasive glucose monitor for diabetic patients. The technology is based on a direct optical detection principle, Raman spectroscopy, a mature technology to which RSP Systems has developed and patented improvements enabling the measurement of concentrations of various substances in the interstitial fluid non-invasively through the skin.

A clinical pilot study is currently ongoing in collaboration with Odense University Hospital (OUH) in Denmark with the purpose of demonstrating the clinical performance of an improved prototype of the glucose monitor.