Danish developed sock prevents diabetic foot ulcers

January 12, 2016
Newly established Danish company, Siren Care, has developed a sock to prevent foot ulcers in patients with diabetes.

The newly established Danish company, Siren Care, has developed a temperature sensitive sock to prevent diabetic foot ulcers.

As a complication of diabetes, the patient may experience reduced sense of feeling in the feet, and often the patient does not notice. If the patient walks in shoes that pinch, it can lead to foot ulcers, gangrene, and in extreme cases, amputation. Shoes that pinch may cause loss of blood circulation causing the feet to get cold. Therefore, the temperature is an important factor. American studies show that by regularly measuring the temperature of the feet, diabetics become aware of low blood circulation in the feet and can take preventive measures themselves whereby the number of foot ulcers can be reduced by up to 70 pct.

Siren Care is currently testing a prototype of the sock and expects to raise funds during the next few months in order to finish development and production of the sock.