Danish e-health portal sets a new record with high visitor numbers

February 12, 2018
More and more Danes log in to sundhed.dk to view their own health data and to seek knowledge about health and illness.

In Denmark, citizens and healthcare professionals have easy access to, among other things, their own health records, prescriptions, laboratory responses and vaccination records via the national e-health portal sundhed.dk. This makes sundhed.dk a globally unique e-health portal for citizens and health professionals, and it is also the largest electronic patient portal in Europe with nearly 1.8 million Danes visiting the portal every month.

On January 22, 2018, sundhed.dk launched a nationwide campaign to spread awareness of the portal. And during the first two weeks the number of visitors increased substantially with 2000-8000 more unique visits per day.

The latest survey, which was completed at the end of December, 2017, also shows that an increasing number of Danes have become more acquainted with sundhed.dk. In the survey, nearly 1000 Danes over 18 years were asked about their opinion on health information.

The survey's result is consistent with the record-setting visitor number. Not only is sundhed.dk the preferred website when it comes to searching for information about health and illness, it is also a highly trusted website in terms of data protection.