Danish medtech company lands international deal

June 30, 2016
A Danish breast cancer diagnostics technology will be available internationally following an international licensing deal with Philips.

The Danish medtech company, Visiopharm, has signed an international licensing deal with health technology giant, Philips, which will make an advanced Danish breast cancer diagnostics technology available internationally. 

The diagnostics technology is based on computational pathology, and Visiopharm has developed advanced software algorithms, so-called breast cancer panel software algorithmsto diagnose cancer in breast tissue. Applying smart computer processing to digital images of tumor tissue in combination with the manual pathological reading of tissue samples supports the pathologist in achieving a more consistent reading and diagnosis. 

Philips will pair Visiopharm’s breast cancer panel software algorithms with its own digital pathology solution, which is used by pathology institutions across the globe. The aim of the licensing agreement between Visiopharm and Philips is to help translate big data into actionable knowledge and enable a more accurate and precise diagnosis and more personalized treatment.

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