Danish pharmaceutical company strikes international deal

August 10, 2016
Danish pharmaceutical company Genmab has signed an international licencing deal on its technology for research in antibodies.

The Danish pharmaceutical company, Genmab, has signed a deal with American biopharmaceutical giant, Gilead. The deal centers around Genmab’s technology platform, DuoBody, which is used to  examine the potential of and generate stable bispecific human IgG1 antibodies.

With the deal, Gilead is exclusively licensed to use the DuoBody platform and the company will use the technology to develop bispecific antibody candidates for a therapeutic program targeted for HIV.

The deal has a potential value of €248 million ($277 million) and Genmab is entitled to single-digit royalties of all sales of marketed products henceforward.

In 2014, Genmab and Gilead entered a research collaboration on the DuoBody platform. The commercial deal that has just been signed is a continuation hereof.

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