Exercise three times a day at the ICU

August 18, 2016
In a new project at the Intensive Care Unit at Lillebaelt Hospital in Vejle, patients do exercise up to three times a day.

The Intensive Care Unit at Lillebaelt Hospital in Vejle has introduced daily exercise for its patients. The daily exercise is part of a new project to help severely ill patients recover better and faster from their illness and shorten their hospital admission time.

During the project, patients are encouraged to do moderate to hard exercise up to three times a day under supervision by a specially trained nurse. A physiotherapist prepares a daily exercise plan for each patient. Patients who are too frail to get out of bed exercises while in bed using e.g. lose dumbbells and a bed attachable exercise bike.

Physical activity and rehabilitative training throughout the day keep patients occupied and reduce side effects such as bed sores and depression from long term admission.

The project runs from May 2016 to October 2016. It is supported by The Fund for Better Working Environment and Labour Retention and includes more hours of physiotherapy than usually allotted to the department.