Finnish visit for hospital construction and treatment for mental disorders

September 26, 2019
On September 24-25, 2019, a delegation from Helsinki City and Helsinki University from Finland, visited Copenhagen, Odense, Aabenraa, and Vejle to gain insight into Danish hospital construction, architecture, treatment for somatic disorders, and treatment for mental disorders.

The visit started with an introduction to the Danish healthcare system focusing on the transformation of healthcare in Denmark and The Super Hospital Program. Hereafter, the delegates visited The Patient Hotel at Rigshospitalet and learned about how The Patient Hotel is an important element in improving the efficiency of a modern hospital due to the improvement of quality, cost-reducing, and the change of attitude among patients.

Afterwards, the visitors arrived at Odense and got presented to the New OUH, which will replace the existing Odense University Hospital in 2022. Here, the delegates learned about the patient room of the future and innovative solutions such as logistics and modern technology at the new hospital. Rounding off the day, the delegates visited the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark and were introduced to innovation cases, the operating theatre of the future, and eHealth initiatives.

On September 25, the delegates visited Aabenraa Psychiatric Department to hear about the children and youth psychiatry as well as adult psychiatry. The delegates also received a guided tour so they could explore the innovative architecture. Furthermore, the visitors gained insight into healing architecture and the construction process of the psychiatric clinic.

The delegation ended their visit, before returning to Finland, at the New Psychiatric Hospital in Vejle and was introduced to the building project and the organizational structure. Here, the delegates also received a guided tour of the facilities in order to explore the innovative architecture and design of the department.

The visit was organized and hosted by Healthcare DENMARK. For more information about this visit, please contact Communication Consultant Muqdad Al-Dakhiel.

If you are interested in visiting Denmark and seeing these or other Danish healthcare initiatives yourself, please do not hesitate to request a visit. Healthcare Denmark will tailor a program to your specific preferences.