More Danes survive cancer

August 16, 2016

Photo by: Calleamanecer - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
The number of Danes who survive cancer increases for all cancer forms.

According to new numbers from NORDCAN, a specialized database that presents cancer incidence, mortality, prevalence and survival statistics from 50 major cancers in the Nordic countries, more Danes survive cancer. The increase in survival rate is evident for all forms of cancer.

The number of Danish cancer patients who survive the first year with a cancer diagnosis has increased significantly during the last fifteen years. Today, 79 pct. of Danish women and 78 pct. of Danish men are alive one year after a cancer diagnosis, up from 71 pct. and 67 pct. respectively in the period 2000-2004.

The new numbers compare the survival rate for the periods 2000-2004, before the three so-called cancer treatment packages took effect, and 2010-2014, after the cancer treatment packages were put into effect. The increase in survival rate indicates that the cancer treatment packages, which focus on faster diagnosis, faster initiation of treatment, creating more coherent treatment courses and targeted rehabilitation of cancer survivors, have boosted the Danish cancer treatment.

Check out the numbers in NORDCAN’s database here