Multi-million grant to benefit elderly medical patients

June 09, 2016
In Denmark, a new national action plan worth €161.3 million ($183.3 million) will make a positive difference for elderly medical patients.

A new national action plan worth €161.3 million ($183.3 million) has been initiated by the Danish Government to ensure that sick elderly people in Denmark are treated in a dignified manner, so that they experience coherence and solicitude in the Danish healthcare system. The first part of the action plan, which was negotiated in February, was a so-called emergency package of €55.9 million ($63.2 million) to reduce overcrowding of the hospitals. Now the last €108.4 million ($122.4 million) have been distributed for initiatives to improve the conditions for the frail and elderly medical patients.

These initiatives will among others focus on:

  • Enhancing intermediate care in the municipalities with the aim of treating the elderly in their own home or in special out-of-hospital acute medical care services e.g. in relation to a nursing home in order to avoid hospital admissions.
  • Enhancing the competencies within the municipal home nursing. Employees are going to learn more about e.g. nutrition, psychiatry, hygiene, rehabilitation, and pain relief.
  • More out-of-hospital functions to examine or treat the patient in their own home, and additional guidance from the hospital to municipalities and general practice.

The funds are allocated from 2016 to 2019, and hereafter an amount of €40.4 million ($45.4 million) will be allocated on an annual basis.