New Danish allergy test is more accurate

July 15, 2016
Danish researchers have developed a more accurate and user-friendly metal allergy test.

A new tool is underway for metal allergy sufferers. Two Danish researchers from University of Copenhagen and the Technical University of Denmark have developed a new test to determine more accurately if e.g. jewelry give off allergenic substances such as nickel or cobalt and help allergy sufferers avoid products they cannot tolerate.

The new test is a so-called closed system test, whereas the current is an open system test and requires multiple solutions to be mixed manually on a cotton bud, which is then rubbed against the metal. The result of the test is analyzed according to color change of the compound. However, color changes can be difficult to read as e.g. a positive cobalt test changes from yellow to orange. Furthermore, if the mixing is slightly off, the test result might be misleading. The closed system of the new test eliminates manual mixing of solutions and give allergy sufferers a more accurate result.

The new method is currently being tested and is expected to be ready for allergy sufferers in 2017.

An estimated 10 pct. of the global population suffers from some sort of metal hypersensitivity.