New White Paper: A dignified elderly care in Denmark

November 11, 2019

Healthcare DENMARK, the steering committee, and speakers at the official launch of the new White Paper: A dignified elderly care in Denmark
Healthcare DENMARK is proud to present a new White Paper called “A dignified elderly care in Denmark”, which presents the Danish approach to a coherent elderly care and includes a range of unique Danish initiatives and solutions.

On Friday November 8, 2019, Local Government Denmark (KL), the Danish Ministry of Health, Danish Regions, and Healthcare DENMARK officially launched a new White Paper about the Danish approach to a coherent elderly care.

New assisted-living technology plays an important role in Denmark’s elderly care. Every day, a range of solutions help improve the quality of life for elderly citizens and support healthcare professionals in creating an efficient, high-quality framework for care, rehabilitation, and prevention.

The new White Paper has been produced in close collaboration with innovative Danish companies and partners and describes some of the assistive technologies that are currently being implemented in Denmark’s elderly care. These innovative solutions have been developed to empower elderly citizens, giving them a more active role in their own treatment, assisting them in their daily routines, and keeping them connected, active, and physically safe.

Danish healthcare innovation is not exclusive for the Danes: many years of global presence show that our healthcare products and solutions create value internationally. Danish ideas and products are used every day in ambulances, medical clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes across the world. This White Paper will further strengthen international promotion of innovative Danish assisted living technologies within the field of elderly care.

The White Paper about elderly care is part of a series of White Papers that show how Danish solutions can contribute to increase efficiency in healthcare while empowering patients and staff.

Download the White Paper here.

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