Nordic networking event in Finland sparks efficient Nordic collaboration

June 07, 2016

Photo by Finpro. The Nordic networking event in Tampere, Finland, on June 1st 2016. In this photo (from left to right): representatives from Finpro, Innovation Norway, Swecare and Healthcare Denmark
The Nordic networking event in Tampere, Finland, on June 1, 2016, offered a unique venue for the participating companies and leaders of the new university hospitals to meet and collaborate on new and innovative solutions.

In the premises of Tampere University Hospital, keynote speakers from Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway offered a unique opportunity for the participants representing private healthcare companies, hospitals, and export organizations to learn first-hand about the needs of new sustainable hospitals and propose innovative solutions. The focus themes of the event were patient-guidance, safer surgical treatment, and virtual treatment.  The event was organised in a cooperation between Finpro, Swecare, Healthcare DENMARK, and Innovation Norway.

“It is essential to collaborate and benchmark between hospital projects to ensure overall higher quality. Similarities in the culture, healthcare system, and the size of the upcoming new hospitals are fundamental drivers for this kind of collaboration between the Nordic countries. Exchange of second opinions across the Nordic countries can identify things that internally involved stakeholders cannot see,” says Isto Nordback, Development Director, Tampere University Hospital.

Helle Gaub, Project Director at University Hospital Koege, Denmark, also highlights the need for a strong Nordic collaboration: “Nordic collaboration is clearly the way forward. We have similar cultures and therefore share a similarity in our view on healthcare and patients. We need to work together because the speed of changes is increasing and just copying each other is not enough.”

This will accelerate innovation and commercial potential for establishing mature opportunities for innovative solutions within the common Nordic market and outside.

The Nordic networking event follows a similar event which was organized in Odense, Denmark, in 2015. This event was the starting point to establish a more active Nordic cooperation between  hospitals and  companies. This year’s event in Tampere cemented the vision of efficient cooperation even further with the notion that cooperation is ready to be taken to a next level.  Future initiatives will take place for ensuring an information exchange with a purpose to learn from each other and simultaneously benefit from best practices across Nordic countries.

It is clear that the event’s take away message is to ensure efficient cooperation and a platform, where the leaders of  hospitals and private companies can connect with each other. In this way, the establishment of a stronger and more dynamic common Nordic market is supported. The long-term vision is to increase international awareness of Nordic healthcare solutions and stimulate export opportunities through a common branding strategy of the Nordic market.

Sweden will be hosting the next Nordic networking event in spring, 2017.