Outpatient clinic open all hours

February 03, 2016

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Chronic patients in Silkeborg can contact the outpatient clinic all hours of the day if they experience worsening in their illness.

As part of a new project, chronic patients can receive outpatient treatment at all hours of the day at the regional hospital in Silkeborg if their illness worsens. Previously, the outpatient clinic had fixed opening hours outside of which chronic patients were hospitalized if their symptoms deteriorated, but since January 1, the clinic has been open all hours of the day. In the project, patients can contact the hospital directly if they fall ill instead of going through the emergency services. The goal is to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations of chronic patients.

If the hospital deems it necessary, patients come into the outpatient clinic where they are examined and treated by a doctor or nurse within one hour. This ensures that patients who are not acute are not admitted to hospital for treatment and as soon as their symptoms improve, they can be discharged and go home.

The project includes patients with chronic lung disorders, alimentary tract diseases, heart disorders, and geriatric patients.