PatientVille was well-attended and a great success

February 08, 2019

Photo by Healthcare DENMARK
PatientVille caught great attention and provided an exclusive opportunity for international attendees to learn more about the Danish healthcare system.

As part of the WHO conference ”Future of Digital Health Systems” on February 6-7, 2019, Healthcare DENMARK organized a unique concept called PatientVille in close collaboration with WHO. The event took place in UN City in Copenhagen and was a great success.

The overall theme at PatientVille was Digital Health with a special focus on chronic conditions and heart diseases. Visitors were guided through a fictive patient journey, which was demonstrated at 6 stations illustrating the story about the patient journey through the innovative Danish healthcare system. The 6 stations were named as follows: Patient empowerment, General practice, Emergency patient care, The future hospital landscape, Cost-effective medication, and The digital health centre. Throughout the story, digital support was highlighted as a crucial factor in the patient journey from diagnostics and treatment, prevention and to emergency medical services and treatment.

Approximately 350 international conference attendees showed great interest in the PatientVille concept and were inspired by the introduction to the digitalization of the Danish healthcare system and innovative Danish solutions.

The event also formed the background for the official launch of a new white paper about Emergency Medical Services. In close collaboration with innovative Danish companies and partners, Healthcare DENMARK has produced a white paper that presents the Danish approach to a coherent Emergency Medical Service (EMS). It describes some of the innovative solutions that the Danish healthcare sector has employed to increase the chance of successful outcomes in emergency situations. On February 6, 2019, at PatientVille, the new white paper was presented by Freddy Lippert, CEO of EMS Copenhagen, who gave an introduction to the Danish Emergency Medical Services.

Download and read the white paper here.