New Danish initiative to help ensure safer childbirths

January 10, 2018
The Ministry of Health has launched a new initiative that will contribute to a better work environment in maternity wards and better experiences for pregnant women.

The Danish Ministry of Health has earmarked €67 million ($80 million) to resources that will help improve the workflow and processes in maternity wards in 2018 and forward.

The aim of the initiative is to help pregnant women by considering their own individual needs.

The initiative includes four objectives:

  • Tailored courses to ensure a more individual and cohesive planning for every family during labor and birth.
  • Good places to give birth in safe and calm surroundings whether it be in hospitals or at home.
  • Healthy work environments with organized maternity wards that will give the parturient and the newborn the best professional expertise.
  • Better digital availability with a special consideration to pregnant women with risks of complications where close observation is needed.
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