Updated white paper about Hospital Logistics

January 08, 2018
White Paper
Healthcare DENMARK is proud to present a new and updated version of the popular white paper about Hospital Logistics. Download it here.

In close collaboration with Danish companies and partners, Healthcare DENMARK has produced a white paper that presents the Danish concept of Hospital Logistics including innovative solutions that contribute to making Danish hospitals more efficient and improve patient safety and treatment quality.

In Denmark, the focus on hospital logistics has played an important role in achieving a 30 pct. increase in hospital productivity since 2003. This white paper demonstrates the possibilities for hospital logistics within different areas of hospital services and needs, including supply logistics, clinical logistics, sterile goods and sample logistics.

The white paper has now been updated with four new pages about the concept of clinical logistics including solutions to support patient and work flows in hospitals by providing instant overview and facilitating a structured planning of daily clinical activities.

Danish healthcare innovation is not exclusive for the Danes: many years of global presence show that our healthcare products and solutions create value internationally. Danish ideas and products are used every day in hospitals, medical clinics, ambulances, and nursing homes across the world.

This white paper about hospital logistics is part of a series of white papers that show how Danish solutions can contribute to increase efficiency in healthcare while empowering patients and staff.

Download the white paper here (pdf) or check out the website edition here.

We hope to inspire you.

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