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Company description

Attention is a strategic design consultancy. We develop products and innovations that is governed by an uncomprimising ambition to realize originality, functionality and aesthetics.

What we offer

Attention is a strategic design consultancy. We develop products and innovations that is governed by an uncomprimising ambition to realize originality, functionality and aesthetics.

Products and solutions

Attention Services

Attention offers four core services that can be acquired in any combination to meet your needs and challenges – from standalone services to full scale product development projects.

User research and insights

By digging deep into the minds of the users, our sociologists and designers are able to gain and document unique insights about human factors that can be transformed into new and better products.
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Design and ideation

Designing products at Attention is about creating outstanding user experiences. With the help of documented user insights and technical backup from our engineers, Attention’s designers are able to push the limits to create professional and steady solutions.
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Engineering, prototyping and testing

Attention’s engineers bring innovation and design to life in real products. We’re set up to handle the complete process from concept development and product engineering through prototyping, testing and optimizing for production.
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Production and quality control

Production is a core service, allowing us to provide our clients with competitive production set-ups. We practice a careful quality control, aligning with our clients’ quality department and approval processes to ensure a seamless and smooth collaboration.
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Case stories


Attention designed, engineered and produced an ergonomic safe control unit only four month after the brief from Coloplast. Controlling air intake and water flow in a single unit requires complex mechanisms and very low tolerances. Attention developed a safe and intuitive solution for operating the irrigation device. The device had to be able to communicate clearly to the user while allowing those with impaired physical mobility to operate it. An intelligent user interface was developed by Attention’s design team while the engineers solved the mechanical puzzle.

XO Care

Attention developed an instrument bridge designed for precision and elegance. Ergonomics and balance were the key concerns as Attention set out to explore the user situation. On-site innovation workshops allowed patients and dentists to co-create with Attention’s design team. A need for individually adjustable features was identified. Workshop output went into the Attention think tank where sketches and ideas were developed into concepts for easy use of and interaction with the XO Care system. Attention’s engineers conducted tests to ensure that each instrument could balance perfectly on the dental surgeon’s finger for complete control.

Uno Medical

Attention invented and developed an all-in-one insulin concept: Automatic insertion and infusion supplied as a single, sterile and safe unit - easy to handle, easy to carry with you at all times. Attention’s designers and engineers worked to unite user-friendliness and accuracy in very small components. One of many challenges was to eliminate the users’ need to carry spare parts. Built-in hypoallergenic adhesive was developed to fix the unit to the skin while the insertion device was designed to house the introducer needle, which is then safe to throw away after use.


Attention designed a Red Dot Award winning Bone anchored hearing implant (BAHA) for Cochlear based on fresh insights about users’ preferences and needs. Months of research with doctors, healthcare professionals and people with hearing loss revealed that the redesign should address both size and general appearance of the device. Along with a reduction of the physical size, the team reduced the perceived size by rounding corners, adding smooth, soft surfaces and revising the color options to match the natural tones of human hair. The result is an extraordinarily beautiful product that respects the users’ need for a discreet, almost invisible device


Henrik Jeppesen
Attention Design ApS
Lergravsvej 57, 1.
2300 Copenhagen S

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