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Company description

Getinge Cetrea A/S

Since 2006 Getinge Cetrea A/S has supported the workflow for Danish and international healthcare professionals. Our patient flow management solution, INSIGHT, provides complete transparency, collaboration and overview in and across departments, enabling management and healthcare professionals to deliver the best possible care for patients.

INSIGHT is part of Getinge’s integrated workflow solutions that offer state-of-the-art solutions within patient flow management, operating room integration and sterile supply management.

What we offer

INSIGHT is the interactive patient flow management solution from Getinge that gives you complete control over the patient flow from arrival to discharge. It supports the highest standards of care by allowing healthcare professionals to plan, prioritize and take the right actions according to the ever-changing situation in the hospital so that they can deliver the best possible care for patients.

In a Danish context INSIGHT goes under the name of Cetrea Clinical Logistics.

INSIGHT is part of Getinge’s integrated workflow solutions that offer state-of-the-art solutions within patient flow management, operating room integration and sterile supply management. Our IT solutions are designed to facilitate the complex workflows in your hospital, ensuring both patients and staff benefit from a better, safer and more consistent hospital experience.

Products and solutions

INSIGHT Surgical

INSIGHT Surgical supports the workflow in the Surgical Department, offering complete overviews of operating rooms, personnel and patients, and visualizing the day’s surgery schedule along with the current status of all ongoing surgeries. Information about changes and cancellations are shared immediately, allowing all parties to adjust accordingly. INSIGHT Surgical helps you maximize the utilization of operating rooms, equipment and resources in the Surgical Department with easy communication between coordinators, ORs, and collaborating wards and units.
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INSIGHT Emergency

The Emergency Department is a fast-moving environment. With a dynamic flow of inbound patients Emergency staff are always on high alert, preparing for the arrival of the next patient. Because time is of the essence, having access to details on patients, beds, personnel and your current capacity is crucial – and this is exactly what INSIGHT provides. INSIGHT Emergency enables healthcare professionals to quickly adapt to acute, real-time changes through flexible prioritization tools, updated patient flow overviews and complete bed capacity visualizations.
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INSIGHT Patient Ward

INSIGHT Patient Ward supports the daily handling and coordination of tasks in and between hospital bed departments, recovery, ICUs, and psychiatric wards. From touchscreens and PCs staff can update patient treatment plans, keep up to date with the in- and outbound flows, and plan a structured and efficient discharge for each patient with just the tap of a finger. INSIGHT Patient Ward promotes streamlined patient care through tailored and predefined treatment plans, helping to reduce length of stay and ensuring increased quality care in the ICU, bed and psychiatric wards.
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Case stories

Meeting regulatory targets in the Emergency Department

Streamlined processes, clearly defined areas of responsibility, and an immediate overview of capacity and availabilities ensure a smoothly running Emergency Department that meets region-wide KPIs. Through the implementation of INSIGHT and by establishing new work processes in the Emergency Department OUH was able to meet their predefined targets while creating a better, safer and more structured environment for both staff and patients.

Increasing department efficiency by 19%

With the implementation of INSIGHT in the Emergency Department a Danish hospital analyzed and evaluated the installation over the course of 19 months from June 2009 to January 2011. The results showed an increase in department efficiency of 19%. This was due to an increase in the number of patients by 7,03%, and a decrease in number of employees by 9,3%. Consequently, the number of patients per staff rose from 185 to 218 per year. In addition, 6.400 working hours per year were saved among hospital doctors and nurses who also experienced a number of benefits, such as increased patient safety, better overviews, reduced stress level, fewer disturbances, fewer phone calls, better data and easier location of colleagues.

Reducing turnover time in the Surgical Department

In the surgical department INSIGHT provides overview of the daily surgery schedule, the staff and the current situation in each operating room. This information is not only beneficial to the staff in the surgical department, but also to staff in supporting departments, who will know exactly when to expect the patient. A number of studies have been conducted regarding productivity gains from implementing INSIGHT. Findings have revealed that operating rooms running INSIGHT were 15% more time-efficient than rooms without INSIGHT. The same study found that the surgical department experienced an overall productivity gain of 4% per year (estimated DRG-value).


Getinge Cetrea A/S
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