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Lyngsoe Systems is the world’s absolute leader in implementing the next generation of digitalization in hospitals, driving tremendous improvements in all processes in a hospital involving, staff, supplies and medical equipment. The next digitalization enables logistics and quality improvement of more than 40 daily work operations existing in all hospitals across the industrialized world using modern real-time tracking and location technology. This technology can bring you savings of 10-20% of time and cost spend running your hospital, and the staff are happy about it, as all processes become more efficient and leaner.

Products and solutions

Bed Management

Beds are a vital resource at a hospital and at the same time a logistic challenge to handle. Based on a combination of active RFID and passive RFID technology, the Bed Management solution provide real-time location and status of beds within the hospital increasing bed availability, bed utilization and improves the allocation of resources. Hospitals are now able to put intelligent tags on their hospital beds – also called Bed Touchpads. This is one of the vital elements in the Bed Management solution.
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Localization and Item Tracking

Real-time visibility of the location of all resources for example beds, medical equipment and people enables superior performance and transparency in the hospital environment. It helps clinical and service personnel increase patient satisfaction by saving valuable time spent on locating misplaced items. It increases item utilization and thereby cuts down inventory expenses.
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Sterile Goods Tracking

Tracking of sterile equipment enables all those involved in the CSSD and OR to find and know the status of sterile equipment no matter where it is in the flow. By attaching RFID tags to sterile equipment sets or containers, the equipment is automatically tracked by readers in the hospital.
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Case stories


The New University Hospital in Aarhus (AUH) will treat 100,000 admitted patients and 900,000 outpatients a year at full capacity. It will receive thousands of deliveries every day and have millions of items in its inventory. Expected to be completed in 2019 AUH is one of a new generation of super-hospitals packed with state-of-the-art equipment and systems. With such staggering statistics, logistics is an obvious challenge. AUH is a frontrunner in optimizing logistics and the vision for service logistics at AUH is “A hospital, where staff and it-systems know where staff, items, equipment etc. is located”. Learn more


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Lyngsoe Systems
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