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Company description

Radiometer is a leading provider of technologically advanced acute care solutions that simplify and automate all phases of acute care testing.

What we offer

Radiometer was a pioneer in blood gas testing, introducing the world’s first commercially available blood gas analyzer in 1954, and offers solutions for blood gas analysis, transcutaneous monitoring and immunoassay testing for cardiac, coagulation, infection and pregnancy markers.

Products and solutions

Blood Gas Analyzers

From the invention of the blood gas analyzer in 1954 to the introduction of the <a href="">1st Automatic</a> workflow solution in 2005, Radiometer has led the industry in blood gas testing. Radiometer is widely recognized as the industry’s gold standard when it comes to blood gas testing. In fact, Radiometer’s analytical accuracy is so highly regarded that other blood gas analyzer manufacturers use Radiometer analyzers as their reference instruments. Radiometer’s portfolio of blood gas analyzers ensure you get the right solution whether you run one test per day or 100, in the lab or at the point of care.
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Numerous studies show significant differences in the turnaround time of test results from point of care analyzers versus centralized placements. These differences can prove extremely critical, as guidelines for cardiac markers call for a decision within a maximum of 60 minutes and typically within 30 minutes. Radiometer’s <a href="">AQT90 FLEX immunoassay analyzer</a> consistently meets these guidelines. When you have length of stay department metrics to meet and every minute counts, the <a href="">AQT90 FLEX analyzer</a> can help manage bed capacity and patient flow.  National Boards of technical evaluation around the world have shown that point-of-care testing improves <a href="">patient flow</a>. The savings associated with a more efficient patient flow will often offset the initial <a href="">costs </a>of moving immunoassay testing to the ED.
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TC is an innovative and highly-accurate technology that provides continuous, non-invasive monitoring. Its power and appeal derive from a simple principle: Through a non-invasive sensor applied to the body, blood gases diffusing through the skin can be detected and estimated. Radiometer offers you a complete range of TC solutions that encompass many parameters, such as tcpCO2, SpO2, tcpO2, Pulse Rate. Our TC solutions accurately match the patient’s current status. This allows you to take immediate action when needed. As a result patient safety and comfort are improved. TC is excellent for use as a trending tool to non-invasively monitor oxygenation (tcpO2) and ventilation (tcpCO2) status. What you receive is vital real-time information.
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Case stories

Process improvements in the ED led to cost savings for the entire hospital

What would you do, if you were tasked with building a new Emergency Department (ED) in your hospital? Which processes would you optimize? Which areas would you focus on? Process improvements in the ED at the Kliniken Essen-Mitte in Germany led to cost savings for the entire hospital.

Optimizing patient flow in the emergency department

The ED at Ostrow Mazowiecka hospital in Poland improves workflow – and patient flow – by moving testing to the point of care: "Today, patients spend less time waiting to be treated and we are able to provide a faster and more accurate diagnosis".


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