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To be able to create a company profile, you need to provide a valid email address, which will act as your username. We also need the company name. We will send you an email to the provided address with a validation link. After submission, please check your email and click on the validation link. You'll be redirected to a page, where you can complete and publish the profile.

In order to pursue your request, Healthcare DENMARK needs to record and store the personal data that you submit in this request form. If we proceed with your request, we will share your data with the local institutions and partners which you will visit and/or meet during your time in Denmark. Your personal data will be stored for a maximum period of 3 years. To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union, we kindly ask for your permission to record, store and eventually share the relevant data for this purpose. This consent can be withdrawn at any time. In case of withdrawal, Healthcare DENMARK will delete all of your data.