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We improve patient’s quality of life by empowering them to live well with their chronic condition in their own home – while reducing costs.

Aidcube has developed a digital support tool named Homerehab for home-based rehabilitation of patients with chronic diseases. Homerehab is based on international guidelines for rehabilitation of patients with COPD, heart disease and diabetes. The tool connects the patient with the healthcare professional in order to achieve two goals: 1. Empower the patients to become more self-reliant, by supporting and motivating them to exercise on a regular basis. 2. Prevent hospitalization and readmissions by providing the healthcare professional with early warning signals, based on disease specific algorithms.

The municipality of Høje-Taastrup in the Copenhagen area is using Homerehab to maintain the physical activity level of citizens with COPD and to prevent readmissions: “Our criteria for choosing an e-health solution for patient exercise and monitoring was that it needed to target specific chronic conditions and be easy to use for senior citizens. We believe that Homerehab will improve the citizen’s self-management skills and that it help them to stay active in their own homes. Our expectation is that Homerehab will lead to a decrease of social benefits needed and that it will contribute to diminishing the number of readmissions”.

COPD Homerehab
In co-operation with the hospitals in Hvidovre, Gentofte and Hillerød, we are conducting a controlled trial where 80 COPD patients participate. The treatment group will use Homerehab during a 7-week rehabilitation course and will continue using the tool for 6 months in their own home. The control group will receive the standard treatment. The primary endpoint is physical endurance, which is tested using the ESWT. Furthermore, CAT is used to measure the impact of COPD on the patient’s life over time.

The following municipalities are providing Homerehab to their citizens in order to improve their quality of life and save costs: Copenhagen Municipality, Frederiksberg Municipality, Aarhus Municipality, Hillerød Municipality, Ishøj Municipality and more.
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